These policies are constantly being updated so please check back on a regular basis for amendments.

Health & Safety

Pickup & Son Ltd take Health & Safety very seriously. The well being of our staff, our clients and the general public is at the forefront of our mind. Each member of staff is either fully trained or mentored by a fully trained supervisor, before using any of the tools or chemicals they require to complete their roles. In addition, each member of staff is provided with their own Health & Safety manual, which details the safe working practices we enforce.

If any maintenance needs to be completed, where there is a possible risk to the general public or your staff, we will schedule the work to take place out of hours, ensuring the safety and well being of all concerned.

All staff members are required to wear the correct personal protective equipment at all times.


The environment is something with which we should all be concerned. Our line of business, especially on the landscaping side, can have either a negative or positive effect. By maintaining and servicing our engine powered cutting machines and using safe chemicals for weedkilling and cleaning, we are assured of minimal effect to the environment. We maintain a ‘safe to the environment’ policy and regularly review our policies and guidelines.

Each member of staff required to use machinery or chemicals has been fully trained and is aware of the dangers if used incorrectly. Our guidelines are readily available for any staff member or client and we ensure that ‘refresher’ courses are held as and when required.

Links to our Quality Policy and Environment Policy


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